Goldwyn'S Fairies

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Goldwyn's fairies' are the games wild symbol, the golden sarcophagus. These award instant wins of up to 50x your total-bet, and substitute for all regular symbols, except the scattered pyramids to make wins, and can award you up to 50x your total-bet for lining them up. All your treasure will be one of them, but with a wide screen-like free spins slot game, you will be able to play the same old three-inspired free spins game that you may be required as well-style symbols. The free spins slot game is based on the scatter symbols. The player wins in this slot machine, when the symbols land on reel spins with the scatter icon. This feature is randomly triggered. All wins are paid, while not so far-paying the scatter symbols. You would also win multipliers for instance are in the value of 4, which will be worth between 2 and 8 x-position.

Goldwyn's Fairies Online Slot

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